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mr. i possibly committed suicide following arest. the school was rocked by the allegation that he had an inappropriate relationship with a former student here under age 14. it was a popular sixth grade teacher coaching volleyball and 8th grade basketball. >> he went to the room and cried. this friend called my and i got the news i didn't believe it. >> the kids are just sad all the way around. so this what events the communities are holding wanting to make sure the students are safe, how to honor his life, also? >> police had not charged him because they were still investigating but he was scheduled to appear in court on october 24th. he'd been a teacher here four years and grew up in albany, graduating from both albany
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middle and high school. again, this community very concerned over a young girl's safety ask mourning the death of a well known teacher. >> there are police calling it a case of phone shall domestic terrorism. someone set fire to the private law office of the vallejo mayor over the weekend and there is is the latest on the investigation. >> davis faced challenges during mayor, ushering the city through bank rupsy, facing off with the lgbt community and recent increase in officer-involved shootings but this arson might be toughest. >> attempt to instill fear
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failed. >> and he calls it a malicious act. and is leaving the building a turned out shell. this is the latest including someone breaking windows, dumping trash and stealing his motorcycle from city hall. >> i will say the number of acts of vandalism which i have been subjected to causes me to believe this is related to my position as mayor and not as my position as an attorney. >> neither the mayor nor investigators will speculate about why he's being targeted. he's been confronted over several shootings in this city and called on the attorney general to investigate. residents support him. >> he's hoping that things will go well. >> i think it's envelope that
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this criminal element is running rampant in the city. >> the city is concerned about his safety. >> police officers have provided he extra security. the lieutenant says the possibility of domestic terrorism has not been ruled out. >> this is serious, any time you have violence, it's serious. >> he says he doesn't fear for his safety, telling me he considers it a bump in the road, a diversion. >> and wants the nir know someone is out to get you. >> has to be unsettling at least. >> it is. and... it's a part of the territory. >> and evidence is being sent to the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms for processing. fbi has been called and there is reportedly surveillance video taken from the court house across the street from the mayor's law office that
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could provide clues. >> thank you and developing news tonight in the central valley. a train was hit by a truck and derailed. 20 people are hurt. the train left the rails near where a freight train was hit by another truck today. reporters have more from the scene of the derailment. >> and officers have said crossing arms were down when a big rig plowed into a train. people and purses and luggage went flying. >> there for just a moment i thought this is a hell of a way to go out. you know? in this mess like this, i got to the top. and the car started to tip over. >> and there is a roller coaster that is a controlled ride. this wasn't. and and passengers say they
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were derailed and officials say the big rig was hauling what is known as cotton trash. that debris covered passenger eyes happened to be standing to grab the rails and there is a big bang. and then, they came and told us we've got to get out. >> this is unclear how fast the train was valving but took several hundred feet to stop. and he said the train glided on one wheel before tipping over. >> i just seen people with broken arms and legs and scratches and babies looking like just dirt balls covered in dirt all over heir ears. just, i gave that baby my shirt. >> chp officials say the big rig driver and passengers were taken to the hospital in good condition. investigators say the passengers injured range from three months old to elderly.
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>> and the coast guard suspended a search for two fisherman that disappeared yesterday after their boat cap sized. it was hit by a huge wave and then flipped over. two survivors wearing life jackets made it to the shore and phoned for help. but a 46-year-old is still missing and neither man was wearing a life vest. and there are family and friends held a search for any sign of loved one autos we're very, very concerned and have looked all over, looking everywhere to see what ways we can spot them. >> families plan to continue their search along the coastline. they're hoping they made to it shore but perhaps too tired to make it further. >> there is weeks of cool weather, heat is back on. >> yes there is one record set
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today. >> and there is a look. >> there are numerous location was highs at or above 100. 100 in napa. 100 in livermore and 100 in santa cruz. only location to hit a record high today was kentfield. 87 breaks a record for this date. 96 degrees and that is set 99 years ago. this kind of heat going to be with us one more day. we'll have highs very similar range tomorrow then, major changes coming up and that is coming up later. >> with rises in temperatures heat also adds threat of fire in the dry conditions. there is sky 7 overhead burning about half an acre near quail canyon.
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there is abc 7 news is in the oakland hills tonight. hi, leanne. >> there i do want to say the fire started on a very hot day. and there is the difference is that this is not windy and that is a good thing z on the other hand seems hotter. hot weather brought people to the park. those trying to escape hot temperatures enjoyed at the beach like on a hot summer day. >> way too hot at our house. and this little one enjoyed it was cooler in oakland. temperatures there reaching well into 90s. there are people expecting cooler temperatures.
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>> this is because of the late spring rain, i'm not surprised it's this warm. >> there is one of the hottest cities, antioch. and tim watkins brought his grandson. >> instead of sitting home watching football i thought i'd take him out. >> and this is for your grandson? >> yes z daughter. >> there is james drove for the fishing. >> are you catching anything with this heat? >> four five times, i haven't caught nothing. in oakland it's a lot colder but i'm enjoying this. this is like a vacation. >> and we were in the east bay. it was, i think 100 degrees was the high. and that may have changed and also, antioch is reaching a
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pie of 99. and this is a cooler 88 degrees but as you know some people liked the fog and i like the heat. you know i'm from the caribbean so i enjoy the hot weather. >> thank you. >> a surprise twist today in the murder trial of giselest yi ban. the 28-year-old accused of stalking and killing michelle li last year, her attorney said her client did kill the former class mate but said evidence will show esteban acted with out premeditation, killing in the heat of passion. and believed she was a threat to a relationship with her ex-boyfriend. li's family members and friends began to cry when images of the skeletal remains were flashed on the screen. >> the hope is to have a sense
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of justice. we'll never get her back. at least we'll have justice. >> the remains nound a remote area four months after she disappeared from a parking garage of kaiser hospital may, 2011. the trial expected to last about a month. >> there is still to come a north bay church hit by molotov cocktail autos officials respond to a noisy rave party kept neighbors up for hours. >> and sailors and others about to descend on san francisco. it's going to be one of the bus yes yeast weekends the city has seen in years. >> san jose pony baseball league lost nearly everything when they came to me. now an amazing come back. ahead on 7 on your side
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authorities looking for someone who threw molotov cocktails at churches within minutes of each other. a priest managed to put out the fire. and this is followed by a third at the carlisle macy building housing a civil engineering firm. the fire caused only minor damage. >> and the city of oakland and coliseum are apologizing for keeping neighbors up into the wee hours of sunday morning. a rave called beyond wonderland in the parking lot began at 6:00 saturday evening still wailing away at tk a.m. police say they received thousands of calls. it was produced by a southern
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california company called insome kneeack. >> it was incredible. the problem is that no one was notified of the music. this is loudest i've heard. >> not that old. it's sad now, i'm at the age i'm like it's waking up my children it was a first parking lot show and officials say it may be the last. >> a report from the state treasurer shows a disstufshing trend, california bond debt is soaring. we take a look at the impact of the numbers from sacramento. >> california has been on a barroing binge over the last decade from road projects to high speed rail to stem cell research financed of taxpayers through bonds at a premium. and for every dollar, it takes
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to to pay back. >> unfortunately debt is a good way for today's politicians to pay for things on the becomes of tomorrow's taxpayers. >> a new report fror fr the treasurer show that's a tech yaid ago, bond debt was just over 3.5% of the general fund and this is costing every california about $800 a year to pay it off. next year estimated to jump to nearly 9%. with every taxpayer paying three times more. >> the treasurer has been warning leaders debt could reach more than 10%. wall street likes it around 5%. >> every dollar you pay in principle and interest on bonds is a 11s can't spend on schools. public safety and environmental protections. social services. >> bond supporters point out california needs to invest in infrastructure to keep the economy vibrant. and we need to remember not all debt is bad debt.
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there is some good debt necessary to keep people employed. >> california is in bigger trouble. the state budget task force points out there is more liability. it doesn't get counted including government retiree pension and health care costs and kbrinls more lawmakers rated for public schools and university that's will have to be paid back. the brown administration says it's aware of the wall of debt. governor brown slowed it down when taking office two years ago. in sacramento, abc 7 news. >> the debt is soaring. so are the temperatures. >> it's remarkably and warm right now. >> this is and it's slow to cool down. there are temperatures well into the 90s across the bay area. there is a live view right now from our camera looking towards golden gate you can see here the four ground and no fog at the coast so there is no cooling sea breeze to bring temperatures down.
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let's take a look at live doppler 7 hd that shows you absence of coastal fog. so skies clear from coast to inland and warm conditions prevail from coast to inland. now, it's 80 degrees in san francisco at this hour and there is 73 in half moon bay. low 90s in oakland and fremont. there is 88 down in san jose. there is clear, mild and cooler for the end of the week. now a water vapor image shows a low well off shore moving away from us. and this is making room for hot air dominating our weather sick tour now this is no coastal fog, fog off the shore and coast erks rather, sunny skies will prevail again from coast to inland and there is another hot day that is upper
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9 1k30z close to 100 once again inland. there is patches of fog forming overnight that will begin a cool down, we'll feel it near the coast and around the bay wents and that lows mainly upper 50s to low 60s which is not low. and highs similar to today there is 97 in los gatos, peninsula, upper 80s to low 90s, 92 in redwood city and palo alto low to mid-70s on the coast again tomorrow and there is downtown san francisco, 85 tomorrow, 75 into the sunset district. north bay highs mid to upper
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90s and there is 98 in calistoga. there are 90s in oakland. inland east bay, highs around 100 degrees in most locations. fairfield and danville. 101 in livermore near monterey bay, 90s near the bay. watsonville, 94. 100 in gilroy. sheert accu-weather forecast. we begin with cool down wednesday and there is further cooling by thursday, into the weekend highs only into upper 70s and low 70s around the bay. >> that is a nice change. >> what would you do with $49,000? win big and find out. friends are face book eligible so enter to win. just go to 7
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news and click this button z we'll announce winner october 18thth here after the game. >> that is exlend. >> thank you. >> there is a new law giving new meaning to byob. >> customers paying as the city expands its crack down on plastic bags. stay with us. the news at 6:00 continues
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thousands of illegal immigrants free to apply for california driver's licenses. the governor granting a right to drive to anyone eligible for a work permit under the new policy. california dmv will accept as proof of residents, any document the federal government provides to illegals who are eligible for am nesty. california is the first state to grant driver's licenses to illegal immigrants and advocates hope it will make our roads safer. >> there you now have to take your own bags or pay up. it's part of a crack down on plastic bags including all
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retail stores. if you don't bring your own you'll be charged 10 cents for each bag. restaurants will be included next year in this ban. designed to reach a zero waste goal. >> marin county, san rafael decides whether to ban smoking on downtown sidewalks and private residences. the city council holding a meeting this evening. to discuss proposed ordinance prohibiting smoking tobacco in any multi family unit or apartment. that would impact about 40% of the city's private residences or about 10,000 homes. now, if passed, it would be one of the toughest smoking bans in the state modeled after those in belmont and richmond. >> it's never too early to plan for weekend. and fleet week just one of several events this weekend. and we'll have a preview of the upcoming excitement, ahead. >> and big business of partnering with china. from film makers to venture
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capitalists we'll have a look at a booming business trend. >> the a's are one win from joining playoffs for the first time in six years, we'll have
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>> it's going to be the busiest week of the year for tourisms. >> this will offer something for everyone. the weekend including the regatta, hardly strictly blue grass festival and of course, fleet week. we're out with a preview. hi, mark. >> you know people have been talking to tell me they don't remember seeing a week of big events like this coming together this week and particularly this weekend. bhu angels coming for fleet week ask will drew a big crowd with ships and sailors from around the world. >> seeing them fly and
6:30 pm
practice, and the parade of ships that we have... >> the mayor launched fleet week coinciding with a three-day free music concert in golden gate park. and maybe not so coyens dentally with the america's cup world series with the largest u.s. audience, cats racing in the bay while the air show goes overhead. and the likelihood giants will be in town and there is more. >> this general manager at the w hotel with 50,000 just for that. wednesday night, pearl jam plays their party on treasure island. this is meaning restaurant
6:31 pm
business is up. >> this is wonderful. more, the merrier. >> there likely will be more. niners have a home game. so does stanford. >> probably the best week i've seen in 36 years. >> there is a comparison to the super bowl. it makes the prize for starting off in beautiful fashion. >> this is wonderful. >> like this all the time here. >> and is this? >> yes. >> having fun with tourists z this is reporting from the marina green, mark matthew autos there is a guide online for you for this week and weekend. just go to abc 7 and you'll find where to go and what to do and to avoid
6:32 pm
traffic jams in san francisco. >> there is a lot going on z one way to avoid traffic jams is public transportation, bikes may be a bit of a toss up. taking a look at a survey allowing bicycles on board during rush hour and will reveal results of the pilot project and this is where bart allowed trains all day. so far it appears commuters are split down the middle on that question. >> and china has become a topic of presidential campaign rhetoric. venture capitolists and game developers and film makers continue to see it as a market they cannot ignore. abc 7 news shows us why they're betting big on china. >> you've probably never heard of red adams. they are playing games this
6:33 pm
year one is a joint venture with disney. and palo alto based gsr is a financial backer. the co-founder expects gaming to surpass the $10 billion in japan. >> if you add this up, $10 billion in japan, $10 billion in us us and europe, not to count the rest of the world you might have something about the size of google. >> this is a conference on china. and former u.s. ambassador to china says china is becoming a nation of entrepreneurs. after meeting the group after entrepreneur yil group i walked away thinking this is the power of china's tomorrow. when unleashed there is no looking back. >> there is sights focused on china now that there is a way to get away a quota system. >> the films can be in china
6:34 pm
as they bypass the quota. it's a lot of things that, that is it right now. >> two examples are james cameron going to do a 3 d documentary and dream works animation announce aid joint venture, and to do more business there is going to be a stumbling block. there is an important one which is piracy. it can play gaming industry as well as hollywood. >> and new life for old churches. >> it was sad that it had not been touched 25 years. >> next rebirth of vacant churches that are not places of worship anymore. stay with us.
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on the last 20 years some of the biggest and oldest churches have closed their door autos yes. dwindling congregations left buildings empty until now. and that is right. and abc 7 news explains tonight don't expect the places to be open back to church goers. >> people once filled the pews in the south of mashlgt
6:38 pm
neighborhood. >> no people that grew up here got married in the church and that were buried in this church. >> today it's empty. stripped of the shrines and now just another big, empty san francisco church in need of a live. >> this is a so amazing but... sad that it had not been touched 25 years. >> chris foley bought the building three years ago. working with the developer to remake this historic landmark. st. joseph's closed after 1989 loma prieta earthquake failing to meet standards. >> this is technology companies getting so bought. >> the plans called for 22,000 square feet of a restaurant. the building will be brought up to modern codes. cost is often what keeps churches from being restored.
6:39 pm
>> rehabilitating like this is 17ses today $19 million. >> st. joseph's just one of a number of buildings all over the city preservationists hope can be saved. >> adaptation of a building like that removing it from the vacant lift that creates activities around a neighborhood is more value labl. >> the second church of christ scientist was built back in 1915 this is an important landmark. >> one of two with a trust system domed in the city of san francisco. >> and this man is planning to turn this church into four residential eunice. >> this is going to be three multi level residential units on the ground floor and one up here in the dome. >> neighbors fought to keep the building from being torn down. >> we prefer the building stayed as a church and
6:40 pm
unfortunately the congregation is getting smaller there. is no choice but to sell the building. >> neighbors sup mortgage a plan to convert into homes. >> there is a one turned into a home. >> had he put in a beautiful kitchen. turning this into classrooms we'll keep the kitchen. >> when the property did not sell, the children's day school bought to it convert into a middle school for 180 students. this castle like architecture will be untouched. >> it's tudor gothic hog wort's is wonderful. >> in san francisco i'd say the majority are worth saving. >> should every old church be safed? that is the question being asked on larkin street. it's falling apart. what hasn't rotted has been
6:41 pm
vandalized. >> three, four five engineers have said it's unsafe. >> the church closed nine years ago. the congregation shrank to a dozen people. they cannot afford the $6 million in repairs and so this church plans to tear down to build 27 units of housing. >> and the city is making it tough. last month, officials rejected the plan saying it would result in the demolition of an historic resource. >> there are institution was the right of using and dispose of their property under both state, and federal law. >> the church is appealing this decision. >> still ahead the story of an amazing come back. >> and these local baseball
6:42 pm
players have reason to cheer after losing nea
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no matter where you are let's check with spencer christian. >> and following that, tomorrow, topping out at 100 degrees and still quite a few. and cloverdale 100 in fairfield and antioch. 101 in livermore and mid to upper 90s in other locations. and will be holt down near monterey bay again, tomorrow, highs 94 in watsonville. and inland, 99 morgan hill. 100 in gilroy. and don't forget america's cup this week underway, practice and sunny skies and winds out of the west at 10 knots. and here is the accu-weather forecast. cooling begins on wednesday further cooling thursday ask tlut the weekend by the time getting to sunday, inland highs into 70s.
6:46 pm
and quite a change. >> and thank you, spencer. >> we've heard about the little league team from petaluma that went to little league world series. >> yes. but what you may not know is another boy's team made it to its own world series. >> michael fin gee here with a team overcame great diversity and won it all. >> you're going love this story. >> this is a story with a lot of kids. pony league came to be three years ago but they didn't give up. this year, the team with the victory involved. it's hard ache in mudville. there are hundreds about to begin a new season of pony league baseball. >> we got a common reaction. this company is stealing from the company autos the company was count me in of bellevue,
6:47 pm
washington. hired to collect registration fees. koent count me into n.kept the funds then went bankrupt. >> it's sad about this taking away from kids. >> there is a huge loss. $30,000 gone. no money for fields, nobody for ump yirz or uniforms and there is a 30 year tradition, threatened except family dz not give up. >> and there. >> hold on. >> i reported this plight and the community stepped up. >> everybody contributes. that is the strength of the league. we're not going let the league go under. >> and there is now, three years later an mazing come back.
6:48 pm
the all star team went to the pony league world series this summer and they won it all. this home video says it all. >> there is first time in 40 years a northern california team won the world series. >> this victory was sweeter. giants honored them with a pregame ceremony. there is a chance to meet players and feel the glow of the spotlight on the big field. >> this is just a great experience. coaches said we earned it. we did. >> these boys just five or six years old when the league lost that money. and there are parents saying
6:49 pm
it brought them strength. >> it was okay. now let's try to rebuild. >> there are people working every weekend. >> parents coached them to the victory. they won 20 games before defeated the puerto rican team 10-1 to win the world series. >> and they kept the league going with this chant three years ago opened the way for these guys... to shout their own. >> the boys said they never doubted this team had a magic probably because they'd overcome such adversity and also because their coaches made them run two hours a day. and that is a great story.
6:50 pm
>> it's wonderful, thank you. >> this is a magical year for the a's. >> next, live in sports a celebration could
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hope you can join me tonight at 9:00 and boosting productivity usually means optimizing work flows but researchers say one image will do the trick. >> and this is for me, french fry autos and job hiring flurry about to begin and what to expect at the office. its coming up at 9:00 and 11:00. >> and that is talking about a's. big night. >> this is a huge one. >> this is fantastic and unexpected. three games left and there is a win, you're in playoffs, if sweeping, a's will win the west and this is back in april nobody suspected it would be this big for athletic autos you couldn't ask for a better
6:54 pm
scenario to end final three games. and there are a's and rangers in a play jf series. >> you won't know witness this team. they're loose and confident going about their business as usual trying to win one game at a time and winning wild card will not enough for this team in green and gold. >> our goal is to win the division. many people think we can. no? and to be an expert in had this game, you know we do. so inside of this club house that is our goal and this is a position to fall short we get that wild card ask i know we have three games trying to win this division. >> this is coming down to texas. >> and this is pretty cool. >> and what is it living in the club house? >> we try to keep it simple
6:55 pm
and like to have fun. and to have several veterans scattered about. it's been a good feeling so this is -- i don't think different today. >> there is jared parker trying to get a victory and i've got rain gear ready. champagne and beer will be flowing. and there is hopefully a's will get the win tonight. i'll have highlights at 11:00. >> and we look forward to you be doused with champagne and shaving cream, whatever. >> thank you. >> and banjo playing, too. wow. exciting. sound affects. the 49ers crushed jets and the staff outcoached rex ryein and his unit there.
6:56 pm
niners outtewowed the team that has tim tebow. and there is a end of the game there is smarts to get down to keep the clock running instead of scoring what would have been a meaningless touchdown. >> this is a competitor. you know? a stiff jaw and goes about working every day. and you know being prepared to play. >> this is from a great team approach and working. >> there is a buy this week and man do they need it z there is raiders in the game then just got swallowed up in the orange crush there is broncos with 503 yards on
6:57 pm
offense. there are issues everywhere. >> we've got to take a look and make sure we're doing everything we can to give ourselves a chance to be successful. we make mistakes in this business and have got to be able to learn from them. and that is part of what this week is all about. coaches and players have got to get better this week. >> i'm in pain just looking at carson palmer. >> no kidding thank you. >> that is this edition of abc 7 news. >> and from all of us here, joins. >> a
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